Marble Slab in Sioux Falls, SD


• Decorative features of marble slabs

Many of the Sioux Falls, SD residents will choose marble slabs due to their decorative features, marble slabs have a natural look which cannot be found in any other material. Marble slabs also come in a variety of colors which make it more attractive for decorative works. Another decorative feature of marble is that it can easily be made into different shapes and designs that suit any decorative works in your house.


• Benefits of marble slabs

Marble Slab Guys mainly deals with marble slabs due to the many advantages associated with them. These benefits of marble slabs include; heat resistance, able to work with different design aesthetics and availability in a wide range of colors.


• Cost of installing marble slabs

The cost of these marble slabs is mainly determined by the type of the marble slabs that you want reduce the installation costs ensure that you hire the services of a professional Marble Slab installers and also ensure you use the marble slabs with the final finishing.

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Marble slabs come in different colors for our customers in Sioux Falls, SD.these is one of the major benefits of marble slabs. The major and most widely used Marble Slab colors are white and grey. Other colors marble include black, pink, yellow and even green. White marble is mostly used for kitchen and bathroom in Sioux Falls, SD.Marble Slab Guys has ensured we meet the high demand for the white colored marble slabs by ensuring we have enough stock of the white marble slabs. White marble slabs are adaptable to different houses are able to mix well with different styles and able to blend well with different materials.

Marble slab finishes

Marble Slab Guys in Sioux Falls, SD offers different types of finishes for all the marble slabs.the most common finishes that are offered at Marble Slab Guys include, the honed finish, the polished finish and also the antique finish. All these different finishes have their own unique features which attract different customers in Sioux Falls, SD.

The honed finish is made by sanding the Marble Slab to the smooth level. The Marble Slab doesn’t have scratches and flaws and it also mutes the colors of the Marble Slab used

The polished finish is created through grinding and buffing which brings out a slick surface on the Marble Slab also bringing out the details of the marble slabs color. Character and also veining. Polished marble slabs are least porous and can get affected by acidic liquids

The antique or leather finish is another option that Marble Slab Guys offers in Sioux Falls, SD.this finish is made by having leather like structures added to a honed surface. This finish is made to have a soft sheen and is mostly used with dark marble slabs.

Marble slabs are also sealed in order to increase the life of the Marble Slab and reduce the depreciation rate.Marble Slab Guys in Sioux Falls, SD encourages use of the sealants on the marble slabs so as to prevent the Marble Slab from the effects of acids and to prevent moisture from getting into the Marble Slab.

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