About Us

Marble Slab Guys as a leading supplier and installer of marble slabs puts emphasis on the provision of durable, quality and unique marble slabs at the best prices.we also ensure that the customers are getting all the required designs and patterns in the marble slabs as they prefer. Marble Slab Guys is also committed to ensuring that transportation and installation of the marble slabs to the customer’s premises or site is done and everything is in good condition when our workers leave the site.

Our mission

Our mission is to grow to global level in the supply and installation of the different types of marble slabs. We at Marble Slab Guys work hard to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied and these is one way of ensuring we grow to those great levels since customers are the key pillar of growth. Our mission is to be a company that ensures accountability and transparency are enhanced in all the different activities we undertake. We want to be an organization where the customers will make us the choice for the provision of quality marble slabs and accessories and also the first priority whenever they need solutions to any marble slab problems.

Our commitment

At Marble Slab Guys we are commitment to safety of all our employees and customers. We always ensure that all the accessories and joining gums are up to date and never sell expired products as they can be very harmful to the customers. We also ensure that our workers have the necessarily working attire to ensure they are safe, they wear protective glasses and gloves and also the recommended overalls and dust coats.

Our commitment as Marble Slab Guys is to have all our customers fully satisfied with all the products and services we offer. We have the best quality, marble slabs and also have a department that deals specifically in custom made marble slabs which come in different sizes, designs, colors and even patterns.

Marble Slab Guys is also committed improving the relationships with the stakeholders in all our activities. We strive to ensure that we build a good relationship with all our clients so as to help us serve them better and also to learn and forge stronger bonds with other business who deal in marble slabs for customer recommendation and healthy working conditions.

Our work approach and customer relations

Our approach to work is mostly based on delivery of quality customer satisfaction and employee happiness when working at Marble Slab Guys.we always ensure that all the different parties that play different roles in the growth and development of the company are well treated and given the best attention. When each party is satisfied we are good and know that the company will grow to great levels.

We employ competent and skilled workers who are very effective in delivery of quality services and marble slabs products.

Customer Expectation

When customers visit Marble Slab Guys they expect to be treated without wasting time, to be attended to with courtesy and respect as we know and believe that customer is always king and without a customer the business cannot grow. We also ensure all customer needs and inquiries are handled in the shortest time possible.

For more information about our products, contact us on 800-486-0556.

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