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• Marble slab

Marble slabs are gotten from marble stones which are polished and made into different colors, they are also made in different thicknesses since each thickness has its own purpose. Visit Marble Slab Guys for different marble colors, designs and thickness and you will be give information on all the different varieties of marble available.


• Marble slab cutting

Cutting of marble is mostly done by the professionals to that it comes out perfectly to fit the place you want the Marble Slab put. If you decide to cut it yourself always ensure that you measure he dimensions twice and only cut once using the marble cutter. The marble cutter is readily available at Marble Slab Guys.We always advise our customers to have the marble cut by professionals only. You can always call the Marble Slab Guys professionals and they guide you on how to cut the Marble Slab.


• Precautions when dealing with marble slabs

Marble slabs are very heavy, ensure whenever you want to lift a slab you do it with the help of others. Always ensure you wear safety gear when cutting the marble to avoid hurting yourself

Reach Marble Slab Guys on 800-486-0556 for more information on marble slab handling and cutting.

Marble Slab installation is a process that takes place in several states which must be done systematically to ensure the final product is of better design and will fit properly in the required space.

Before the process you are supposed to ensure you have all the required tools for the installation process, these tools are;

  • - Tape measure
  • - Markers to be used marking the place to cut.
  • - Drills
  • - Safety gear, which will include; safety glasses, dust mask and overalls.

The first step in the installation process is having the measurements of the required Marble Slab. Use tape measures to get the exact measure before having the Marble Slab cut. Ensure that the marble is cut by professionals to avoid wastage or breakage. If you have proper training on how to cut the Marble Slab ensure you use a marble cutter and all the accessories required for the cutting process. You can also seek advice from Marble Slab Guys through 800-486-0556.

In the second step, start with the installation of the back Marble Slab, have the marble glue and have it spread on the back of the slab, make sure you have some helping you lift the slabs due to their heavy weight. Working with an additional personal is also important in ensuring you are able to fit the Marble Slab perfectly. After all the marble slabs have been installed apply some firm pressure to make the glue used to firmly bond with the concrete onto which you are having the Marble Slab. Do this until you can see that the Marble Slab is tightly fixed.

Repeat the same process on all the sides that are having the Marble Slab installed until all are done, have some of the marble glue applied on the slabs that are supposed to be stack together. The best thing about these marble slabs is that their weight helps in making the glue bond faster. In case you have some problems applying the glue you can always call Marble Slab Guys for help on 800-486-0556 and you will be advised accordingly.

Contact us on 800-486-0556 for more information.

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